It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.


Car Goods of the Year – The world’s first hard crystal coat that increases in protective strength with the light of the sun!

Winner of the 2004 Car Care Awards – The only semi permanent car care product to guarantee a glassy sheen protective coat to your car as was honored by The Car Goods of the Year Award!!

Sun Crystal Coat              

Of all the car coating products available today, most only provide a temporary gloss and sheen through means of a chemosynthesis process which replicates the quality of oil and resin based products in a silicone oil. In a traditional glass and crystal fiber coating, oxidations occur from the resultant use of oil and resin based ingredients and so the chemically manufactured substitute is the more widely used solution. In other words, in most cases where glass coating is being claimed, in actuality what you are getting is an oil based coat.

Although oil and fat based products possess a unique luster in their coats, they gradually lose their protective powers and sheen through the affects of sunlight, acid rain, etc. rendering their coats totally worthless in about three month’s time. Moreover, as the sheen and luster of these oil/resin based products decrease so does its water resisting ability decrease. This decrease is the result of the erosion of the silicone oil by sunlight and acid rain etc. since the oil is merely adhering to the surface of the paint.
Wondax -1 does not use oil/resin based ingredients nor does it rely on synthetic silicone based oils to achieve its protective effect. Rather, its deep penetrating power along with the combination of ultra fine glass particles, metallic and non-metallic particles added to alkaline ion water produce the ultimate crystal coat that gets strengthened, not weakened, by the rays of the sun. The thickness of this newly developed crystal coat is enough to not only give a long lasting semi permanent luster but also its water resistance quality provides for perfect protection from dirt and grime as well.

Up until now, direct sunlight and a heated car body were major causes for concern regarding protection against body splotches and stains. But now there is Wondax -1 the revolutionary protective application that changes the harmful effects of the sun into its strongest ally!
Only a true glass quality application like Wondax -1 can assure no loss of luster and can be applied even when the car body is hot!

Can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces!
Good on leather, car-tops, hoods, cloth…on EVERYTHING!

This one bottle Cleans- Waterproofs – Repairs Scratches – Adds Luster – And Protects the car’s coat all simultaneously in one usage to revitalize and maintain a factory new mint clean sheen and coat!

Wondax -1 guarantees protection for 12 months!

Because Wondax uses a complete mineral formula to ensure its shine, the coat is not influenced by car use, climate, or storage conditions. Our own company car has upheld its shine and dirt-repellent protection even 4 years after its first application of Wondax.
Wondax’s super hard crystal coat provides a semi permanent shine, repels dirt and protects!

Directions for use:
・The application of Wondax is as simple as 1…2…3.
・Apply Wondax, let it dry, and simply wash it off with water.

There is no need to look for shade or run away from the sun to apply Wondax -1.
Anyone can successfully apply Wondax- 1 under any conditions!

Main effects and attributes of Wondax -1

 Wondax -1 is an environmentally friendly disinfectant and deodorizing agent. Its alkaline ion water washing effect allows you to simply wipe off water drop stains, grease, brake dust, nicotine etc. with ease and efficiency.
 Extremely water repellent. Light dust and dirt easily wash away in an average rainfall.
 Hides minute windshield abrasions and protects windshield from scratches from wiper blades. Prevents deterioration and cracking of body paint.
 Restores faded body color with a sharp mirror-like hard crystal coat finish.
 Protects from ion deposits, water spots, oil film, brake dust, bird droppings, and insects. You can wash your car even under a blazing sun!
 Mohs hardness of 6 or more protects body from damage caused by salt content found in de-icing agents, ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and even provides protection from scratches caused by automatic car washes.

Special Considerations and Solutions when applying Wondax-1

1. Washing the car before applying Wondax-1 or washing the car after its application using underground water, spring water, pond water, or well water may interfere with removal of the product after it dries since the minerals that are found in these waters may react with the minerals used in Wondax -1. It is therefore recommended that you test Wondax- 1 on a glass pane, plastic, or other out-of-sight car part before applying it to the car body when using these type waters to wash your car.
*When white mineral stains occur, it will be necessary to polish the surface with a special compound.

2. Some portions of the dashboard or other interior parts of older model cars may deteriorate, rub off, and cling to the sponge when applying Wondax -1. Should this occur, immediately rinse off the affected area with water.

3. In old cars or cars that have been neglected over long periods of time, the previously waxed surfaces may appear to be clean with a simple washing. However, when you apply Wondax -1, the deeply seated dirt will rise from the paint surface and may dry and harden in the new crystal coat making it very difficult to wash out later. Therefore, we suggest that you first apply a test coat on easily deteriorated surfaces like the hood, trunk, or roof of the car before coating the entire car.

4. We recommend that you do not use Wondax -1 on varnished wooden surfaces lest the color come off or fade. Should the product get on a varnished wooden surface, rinse it off immediately with cold water.

5. When applying the product to aluminum surfaces that are cold or have not been exposed to sunlight, the product may not wash off completely after drying. Should this occur, heat the aluminum prior to applying or directly after applying, allow it to dry to white, then, wash it off with cold water.

6. Small particles or oily deposits on the windshield may set in as the product dries causing white streaks and therefore reduces visibility. In order to avoid streaking, be sure to clean the windshield well before applying the product.

Q & A

1. Regarding the Application

Q1. Is there a difference in the resultant coat if I apply Wondax -1 after the car is already hot or if the car gets hot after applying it?

A. Since heat is a catalyst that instantly turns Wondax -1 to a crystal coat there is no difference in the resultant coat if the car is hot before or after its application.

Q2. Will the crystal coat effect take place if I apply Wondax -1 to the car when the car is cold like during the cold winter months?

A. Basically, the resultant hard coat effect of Wondax -1 occurs independently from the heat of the sun. In the case of using the product in the winter months when the car is cold, just let it sit on the body surface for a longer period of time. The sun’s rays are what hardens the product into its strong crystal state and will improve its luster and quality as exposure to the sun increases.

Q3. Will Wondax- 1 stain the body if I apply it while the car is hot and let it sit there after it dries?

A. Because Wondax -1 coat is a complete mineral coat agent and does not use gloss agents made from oils, resigns, or chemically synthesized silicone oils, Wondax-1 will never stain or blotch even when the car body is hot or sits in direct sunlight.
*Conversely, while the car sits in direct sunlight or applying Wondax-1 while the car body is hot will only strengthen Wondax -1 coat and allow it to reach its ultimate protective state.

Q4. Will the glass particles used in the ingredients of Wondax -1 mar the paint if I apply the product to the car while it is still hot?

A. Since the coat hardens immediately upon its application, Wondax -1 will not harm the paint in any way.

Q5. Can I apply Wondax -1 with a polisher?

A. Since the glass particles, metallic, and non-metallic ingredients in Wondax -1 will react and harden with fictional heat applying it with an electrical polisher is not recommended.

Q6. Can I apply wax or water repellent on top of the crystal coat using a polisher?

A. If the Wondax -1 coat is completely dry and hardened, there should be no problem in applying a second or third product (wax, water repellent) on top of the Wondax -1 coat even with a hand polisher. HOWEVER, for the same reasons mentioned in Q5, the frictional heat generated from the hand polisher may thin or weaken the Wondax -1 coat so it is recommended that you apply additional products to the Wondax -1 coat by hand.

Q7. Can I apply Wondax -1 on top of a polymer coat or glass coat from another company?

A. Most certainly. There is no need to remove the former coats. Just apply Wondax -1 on top of the existing coat. Wondax -1 will not blotch or stain.

Q9. Can the product be used on an engine head or other high temperature parts found in the engine room?

A. No problem. Wondax -1 can even be applied to the hot muffler of a motorcycle. Wondax -1 will become super hard instantly when applied to extremely hot areas. Wondax -1 will also protect rubber from degradation and cracking.

Q10. How long do I have to wait before I can apply a second coat if I want a thicker protection?

A. With traditional glass coats, you would have to wait between 24 and 48 hours before you could apply a second coat. Since Wondax -1 hardens and dries in direct sunlight, there is no need to wait in order to apply a second or multiple coats. However, if there is no direct sunlight available, it is recommended that you wait at least 2 hours after Wondax -1 dries white before applying a second coat.

Q11. Can I use this product on import or foreign made cars? Won’t it stain or feel sticky on interior surfaces?

A. Wondax -1 can be applied on all type cars both foreign and domestic. Wondax -1 can be used on all type surfaces: leather, cloth, plastic, hoods, and car tops. Since there are no oil based ingredients, Wondax -1 will not stain or feel sticky on interior surfaces. Furthermore it will soften leather and revitalize rubber sealants around doors and windows preventing them from degradation and cracking.

Q12. Will there be a problem if I apply this product on a brand new or freshly painted car?

A. Usually, it takes about a month for the oily solvent to evaporate from a new or freshly painted car. Moreover, if an oil based solvent or wax is applied to paint that has not fully hardened or set, the use of such a product may result in discoloration or staining. It is recommended that you only use water to wash the car for the first month after its acquisition. * It is also recommended that you apply Wondax -1 coat after the foundation paint dries completely.

2. Regarding the Cleansing Effect

Q1. What kind of foundation processing is needed before applying the coat?

A. Stubborn water scales, grease, tar pitch, iron deposits, deep scratches etc. should be tended to with professional car care products before using Wondax -1. * A paint surface treated with Wondax – βwill improve the set, shine, and water proofing potential of Wondax -1.

Q2. After applying Wondax -1 some blotches appear on the roof and the hood. Is this because of an insufficient foundation?

A. The appearance of blotches after applying Wondax -1 may be the result of hidden scales or grime that has be absorbed by the paint being resurfaced especially in cases where the car is old or has been neglected over the years. We tested Wondax -1 on cars which were 10 years or older and observed resurfaced scales and stains after applying Wondax -1. In those cases, we treated the paint surface with Wondax - β or a like compound before applying Wondax -1 and found that the luster can be restored after applying a coat of wax. Note: depending on the severity of the stain, it may resurface a number of times.

3. Regarding the Water Repellency Effect

Q1. Does the entire body become water resistant?

A. Assuredly, most of the car will be water proofed. Cloth and tops however will not be completely water resistant.

Q2. What about the water resistance of the windshield?

A. After applying Wondax -1, the visibility and water repelling effects on the windshield are comparatively high. However, if the glass temperature is not high enough when Wondax -1 is applied, the coat may not reach its full water proofing potential. It is therefore recommended that you apply several coats of Wondax -1 after the windshield is heated by direct sunlight. It is also important to rid the windshield surface of dust, water scales, oily deposits, etc. before applying Wondax -1. You can also achieve an ultimate waterproofing effect by heating the windshield surface with a hand held hair dryer as you apply Wondax -1.

4. Regarding the Mar Repairing Effect

Q1. Will Wondax-1 repair small scratches in the paint like those that can occur at a car wash?

A. Since Wondax -1 does not contain oil based or resign ingredients, it does not hide scratches in the same way as other wax products. However, you can erase unsightly scratches after applying Wondax -1 by using Wondax – α or your favorite wax product. * You can also hide scratches by treating them with Wondax – β or a similar compound in a foundation coat and achieve effective results.

Q2. Will Wondax -1 repair small scratches to the windshield made by the wipers?

A. Since the ingredients in Wondax -1 are very near in constitution as glass, it will hide scratches on the windshield rather effectively. However, Wondax -1 may not hide scratches that are considerably deep.

Q3. Will Wondax -1 blacken rubber seals, urethane bumpers, etc. that have become pale or faded over time?

A. Wondax -1 will restore faded color in rubber parts but will not blacken them completely. However, by first treating rubber parts with Wondax – β, then applying Wondax -1, followed by an application of Wondax – α or other professional care product, you will be able to restore the color and flexibility of the rubber to near its original factory condition. By reapplying the treatment in this manner every 1 – 3 months, you can ensure maintaining your car’s rubber in its mint condition for a very long time.

Q4. What is the durability of the product on the windshield? Will it reduce the squeaking noise of the wiper blade against the glass?

A. We applied Wondax -1 to a new set of wiper blades and the coat has maintained the blades’ soft, supple condition, water wiping power, and prevented degradation for up to two years already! Since the ultra fine particles prohibit oil, dirt, and oxidation from building up, Wondax -1 ensures wipers to run smoothly and quietly. *Sand and dust can adhere to the wiper blades over time and may slowly erase the water repelling effectiveness of the coat on the windshield. When you feel that the wipers are losing their effectiveness it is time for another application. We recommend that you treat the wiper blades once every three to six months for ultimate protection. Note: Squeaking from the wipers while driving may result from exposure to traffic exhaust pollution but will usually not last long. However, if the wiper noise becomes a concern, a squirt of washer fluid will fix everything.

5. Regarding the Gloss & Sheen

Q1. Can you describe the gloss and sheen effect of Wondax -1?

A. The gloss and sheen of Wondax – 1 will make your car shine like brand new or as if it was freshly painted. Since our product does not use traditional oil based ingredients found in most car care products, we guarantee a protective finish as hard as a diamond and clear as glass.

*Depending on the condition of the car’s surface before applying Wondax -1 you may not get the desired result from just one coat. To insure a perfect crystal coat, a second or third coat may be required. The more coats applied, the harder and stronger the protection.

*You can get a deeper, longer-lasting shine by using Wondax-α or one of your favorite waxes on top of your Wondax-1 coat to provide further protection from water spots, ion deposits, or water scales.

Q2. Although small scratches disappear, water repellency and sheen increase after applying a wax coat on top of the Wondax-1 coat, but will it protect and prevent water scales and water spots resulting from oxidation caused from ultraviolet rays and acid rain?

A. Wondax-1 will absolutely protect your car body from all forms of oxidation since its glass particle, metallic, and non-metallic ingredients forms a hard, crystal-like protective barrier shutting out even the most damaging elemental exposures.

6. Regarding the Protective Effect

Q1. Will Wondax -1 really protect the car up to and over a 12 month period? How can I tell when the coat starts to degrade?

A. Wondax -1 coat will not degrade nor loose its sheen although over time you may notice minute abrasions on the wax surface due to normal wear and tear from car washes, sand in the atmosphere, and normal driving. When you notice that light dirt fails to rinse off easily with just a hose down, then its time to re-apply another coat.

Q2. How much will Wondax -1 protect the paint, resin, rubber color from fading and deteriorating?

A. Since Wondax -1 is comprised of metallic and non-metallic materials, it will not decompose or deteriorate and will protect your car from harmful ultra-violet rays, acid rain, bird droppings, sea water, de-icing chemicals, and oil based substances.

But don’t take our word for it. Our data is not based on traditional laboratory tests nor text book formulas; but rather, is the result of 4 years close observation of test vehicles in actual test conditions undergoing exposure to climatic changes, heat, cold, salt water, dirt and grime. Wondax -1 coat durability unwaveringly held up every time!

Experiment testing durability against dirt and salt water damage                                    
Can Ion deposits, water spots, and degradation be prevented? Will dirt and grime easily wash off with just a cold water hose down?

We dirtied the test vehicle in the manners listed below and left the vehicle in the test condition for a period of one month.

 Sprayed the car during blazing summer heat (car body temperature reaching 80℃ or above) with sea water
 Covered the body in bird droppings and insect carcasses
 Sprayed the car with plain water allowing the water to pool and collect to create water spots, ion deposits, and water stains also under a hot summer sun.
(Car body temperature reaching 80C or above)

Experiment testing durability against hot and cold
Can degradation and cracking be prevented?

 We placed the vehicle into a freezer at a temperature of minus 20℃ for 24 hours and then brought it back up to room temperature, repeating this process of freezing and warming 5 consecutive times.
 We coated an iron plate then heated it up on a gas range and immediately poured ice water over the plate. We tested the plate in this way repeatedly.

Q3. Just how hard is the crystal coat of Wondax -1?

A. Wondax-1 coat tested to a Mohs factor of 6 or more which is the equivalent of a 9H pencil lead. Diamonds have a Mohs factor of 10.

Original Measuring Method used by our company

As a test we used a glass plate and the blade of a cutter knife to simulate a car’s surfaces. We then heated, coated with Wondax -1, then cooled those surfaces simulating the conditions for applying the product to the car in various temperatures. After having processed these materials, we then took a 9H pencil (extremely hard leaded pencil) and scratched with the sharpened point across the test surfaces deliberately trying to damage the coats. As a result, we could observe no visible damage to the coat and can agree that the hardness of the coat is above a 9H measurement.

Q4. Will Wondax -1 protect the windshield and paint on cars being used in cold, winter areas?

A. Wondax -1 significantly reduces frosting of the windshield. Several clients who live in the cold north-eastern parts of Japan have reported a significant decrease in windshield frost and ease of removal of ice from the windshield after coating with Wondax -1