It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.

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WONDAX-1 (made in Japan)

Car Goods of the Year – The world’s first hard crystal coat that increases in protective strength with the light of the sun!
Winner of the 2004 Car Care Awards – The only semi permanent car care product to guarantee a glassy sheen protective coat to your car as was honored by The Car Goods of the Year Award!!

WONDAX-1 120ml

WONDAX-1 250ml

¥4860 or \8964
Amount of content
120ml or 250ml
Washing, water-repellent, repair, gloss putting out, and protective material of car
Ionized alkaline water, the glass element, fluorine, and potassium calcium magnesium
This body painting, glass lens mirror plating rubber tyre urethane plastic wheel, skin, combination skin cloth (seat and interior), and hoods, etc.
Processing frequency(Standard)
120ml About two time(Only the exterior )
250ml About four times(Only the exterior )