It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.



●Although this product is not harmful to the environment or to humans, it is not made for human consumption. *If by chance the product is swallowed, immediately drink a cup of cold water and see your physician.
Water Repellency
●Should the product get into your eyes, flush immediately with water and see your eye care specialist.
●If the product gets on your skin or clothing, wash it off with water. If you have cuts on your hands or have skin allergies, we recommend that you wear rubber gloves when working with this product.

Special Notes for using on freshly painted cars or on special materials

●This product will cause discoloration or flaking if it comes in contact with precious metals. We recommend that you remove any jewelry you may be wearing or use rubber gloves when applying the product.
●Not recommended for use on copper, brass, or lead. Should the product get on these materials wash it off with water.
●Refrain from use on newly painted surfaces until the paint is completely dry.

Special Notes before Applying the product

Please use special car care products to remove stubborn stains, water scales, scratches, tar pitch, iron deposits etc. before applying Wondax-1 as they may become embedded into the final coat. Especially be sure that the windshield gets a thorough cleaning, removing any oily deposits with a good cleaning solution. Dirt on the windshield will prevent a solid glass coat from forming and may obstruct vision.
If you wash the car either before or after coating it with Wondax-1 using water from a well, an underground or hot spring, a river, a stream, a lake, or a pond, the impurities in such waters will react with the coating solution and may produce a white residue. This residue will be difficult to wash off later so we suggest that you refrain from using water other than fresh, purified water.
You may observe minute cracks in parts of the plastic found in and around the headlights. As the plastic expands and contracts with the heat emanating from the light source, the glass coating product may enter these cracks thus preserving them.
The product will harden white on unpainted aluminum surfaces so please be sure to wash it off with water with-in one hour. * You can get it to dry faster by driving slowly when temperatures are low or by using a hand-held dryer.
Flaking may occur when using the product on deteriorated leather and vinyl surfaces such as on the dashboard of old cars
Please refrain from using on varnished or lacquered wood interior surfaces as the product will discolor or remove the finish. If it gets on such a surface, immediately wash it off with water.
In the cases 1 - 4 listed above you may have to use a compound to remove the residue or stain. Be sure to test the product on an unobtrusive area before applying to the whole of the car.

Special Note

Professional Grinding or Polymer Processing may be necessary in the following instance
Because dirt and wax build-up may have accumulated and oxidized deeply embedding itself in body paint of extremely neglected or very old cars, this product may not be enough to remove said grime. Although the surface may appear to look clean and shiny to the naked eye, abnormalities and impurities in the body will react with the elements in the product causing white build-up. Should this occur you will need to take the car to a body shop for professional maintenance.