It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.

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The sun to the ally.

completely protects paint/rubber/fading from resin/cracks/deterioration
Will make your car shine better than new!

Can be applied ALL parts of your car!
For both interior and exterior surfaces
Not need to buy scparate wax or porymer car care products.WONDAX-1 does it all !
With this I bottle you can add luster to all the surfaces of your car such as : body paint,glass,chrome,plastic,resin,rubber,aluminum,urethan,iron,stainless steel,genuine leather,vinyul,and hoods.
As with other products , no need to look for shade or wait for the car to cool down before treating your car .
WONDAX-1 will give you a complete protective crystal coat even when applied when the car body is hot!
Will wrap your car body in a crystal veil !
Will give your car an invisible luster better than new !