It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.

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A simple process to give your car a better than new transparent shine!

We guarantee your car a perfect gloss coat and protection for more than 1 year.

Can be used on all car parts both exterior and interior! Can be used no matter where or how you store your car and in all weather conditions.

No need to buy separate wax or polymer car care products. Wondax-1 does it all!

As with other products, no need to look for shade or wait for the car to cool down before treating your car. Wondax-1 will give you a complete protective crystal coat even when applied when the car body is hot!


Even if applied on a cloudy day in winter when the car is completely cold, Wondax-1 will still protect your car with a hard crystal coat by letting it dry white before wiping it off. However, as the car is exposed to the rays of the sun, the glass particles react with the heat and further harden into a super crystal glass coat.

Of course when applied to an already hot car body, or in direct sunlight the reaction time is almost instantaneous!


※Be sure to remove stubborn dirt from the car body and remove any oily build-up from the windshield before applying Wondax-1.


Wash all sand and mud from the car with water and lightly dry it with a damp cloth.
Pour some WONDAX-1

ステップ1白く乾く - コピー.jpg
onto a wet sponge and evenly apply the product to the car surface.

Let the product dry to white.

It may be a bit difficult to apply evenly when the car body is hot since the product will dry quickly. Just continue to apply in layers and you will achieve a uniform coat. *When applying in cold weather to a cold body surface, just wait a few minutes and the product will dry to white.


After the product has dried to white, wash it off with water using a sponge or soft cloth.

ステップ2洗う - コピー.jpg
If the excess is not completely removed you will not achieve the ultimate effect.


To finish the process, wipe all moisture from the car using chamois leather or a soft buffing cloth.

By repeating this process 2 or 3 times, the coating effect will increase in intensity, providing your car with a stronger protective coat.

For a deeper shine effect, you may apply your favorite wax product on top of the crystal coat without reducing its protective effects.