It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
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What makes Wondax-1 fundamentally different from wax or other polymer products?

Traditional car waxes made from oil and fat based ingredients or from synthetic silicon oils are susceptable to oxidization and would gradually break down from exposure to the sun losing their protective capabilities not to mention their luster and sheen. Furthermore, most of these car care products can not be applied to the car surface while the car is still hot nor can they be used in hot weather or in direct sunlight.



Now Wondax-1 addresses these issues and holds all the answers!

Because Wondax-1 does not contain oil or fat based ingredients, silicon oils, or synthetic glazing agents, it is not affected by the rays of the sun or by acid rain. To the contrary…it is the sun’s rays that strengthens Wondax’s coat, giving you a semi-permanent luster that won’t dull.

Up until now...do you know why you couldn’t wash and wax your car while it was still hot, or in direct sunlight?

When the car body temperature reaches to about 68°F, the paint molecules widen allowing the drying fats and oils from waxing and impurities in the water to seep deep down into the paint. The sudden cooling effect from the water seals these impurities within the paint surface and thus produces water spots, rain deposits, and unsightly stains.

Wondax-1 gives your car body a crystal hard sheen unlike any oil based products can give. Moreover, Wondax-1 will guard your car against discoloration, cracks, and deterioration in the paint, resins, and rubber surfaces for a long, long time. Furthermore, the glass elements of Wondax-1 fuse with the body paint and strengthen when exposed to heat and direct sunlight providing you with the perfect multi-glass coating of today’s market!

Needless to say, thanks to Wondax-1 you can wash and polish your car in the middle of the summer, on a hot sunny day without worry.