It developed for a severe open air keeping car.
   Perfect body protection medicine.

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Wondax-1’s Miraculous Capabilities and Effect!

Protects from what other waxes and polymers do not Rain Spots - Color Fading - Deterioration!

Cleansing Effect

Wondax-1 can raise deeply embedded water scales and stains from the paint that even professionals have difficulty reaching!
Depending on how dirty the car has gotten, especially cars that have been neglected over time, have been exposed to the elements, or older cars, the dirt may continue to rise up from deep inside the paint in the same areas even after several applications. In this case, you may want to use a compound to remove these stubborn stains.
In the instances where former scratches, stains, or paint-overs were hidden by other means, these may resurface after using Wondax-1. Re-applying wax over such areas will improve the overall finish.
Water Repellency
Repels big water droplets just like glass!
Highly slippery water-repellent effect allows for light dirt to easily and effortlessly wash off the car body in moderate to heavy rainfall.

Maintenance Effect

Provides fundamentally lasting repairs!
Although Wondax-1 can smooth over light scratches on delicate paintwork, it does not contain resin or glossing elements that temporarily hide scratches so we recommend using a compound to cover deep scratches before applying a coat of Wondax-1.
Only Wondax-1 is so near to providing a genuine glass finish it can erase and bury delicate wiper abrasions from the windshield!
When applied to rubber and resin materials, as the glass coat infiltrates into the dirt and deterioration. you may notice a black color emerging into the liquid. Just continue to polish the area until smooth and the color will return to normal.
By using specified care products to treat discoloration on resins and rubber materials prior to coating, Wondax-1 will bring out the true colors and luster as when the car was brand new!

Shining Effec

Doesn’t give you a dull gloss like you get from fat or oil elements but gives you a genuine sharp, glass-like mirror image sparkle!
You may not get the desired gloss effect after only one coat of Wondax-1 depending on the overall surface condition of your car. But, because Wondax-1 hardens into a perfect crystal coat, you can re-apply it as many times as you like without waiting. The more coats you apply, the stronger the protection…the deeper the shine.
For the perfectionist…you can apply your favorite wax product on top of the Wondax-1 coat to further enhance the luster and gloss effect.

Protecting Effect

Gives you long lasting protection from deterioration and fading on all rubber and resin surfaces!
Protects the car’s surface against water scales, bird droppings, insect carcasses, water spots, ion deposits, & brake dust etc. Mostly all of these kinds of dirt will easily and effortlessly wash off with just plain water or a quick car shampoo!
Softens and treats ALL parts of the car - both interior and exterior! Use on the dashboard, leather, vinyl, wiper seals, paint, tire mall, etc. Provides long lasting protection and deters cracking in resin and rubber materials. Works wonders on car roofs and hoods.


With its ability to remove tough dirt like iron filing deposits and to repair delicate minute scratches, Wondax-1 can return ANY car into a semi-permanent new state as easy as 1-2-3!
Although there will be little to no damage to the protective coat or reduction in the overall shine, iron deposits may accumulate on the surface over time making it difficult for other forms of dirt to merely wash off with only water. Therefore, we recommend that you wash the car thoroughly about once a year before applying a new coat of Wondax-1.
The more you apply Wondax-1, the thicker the coat and the greater the protection.